Welcome to the Rose City Athletic Organization


Aikido Canada / Chudokan Dojo
Headquarters: Chudokai Aikido Federation International

Over 20 Dojo's are affiliated with us throughout Canada and the United States. (Please see Affiliates page for more information.)

1089 Tecumseh Road East
Windsor, Ontario N8W 1B3
Telephone:(519) 253-6667


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2014 Event Calendar - Events are in process:

The calendar for this year is being established and should be finalized shortly. Please be sure to check and set aside time in your calendars. Additional event details, instructors, registration websites and costs will be posted as they are received and if you know of any that would be of interest to attend, please be sure to forward this information to Kiyoshi Blok. If you have any questions, please contact the dojo at 519-253-6667 or email us.


Children's Introductory Offer:

Check out our introductory class offer to youth and children. A one-month program for only $49.99. Effective, reliable and fun. Click on our flyer link for more details.


Adult Introductory Offer:

A new adult introductory class for adults has been developed. A month intro program, with uniform, for only $59.99. A simple and convenient way to try out the program and see just what it can really do for you. Check the flyer link for more details.


Associate Memberships:

The Associate Membership will be entering its first full year of operation. The Associate Membership is for anyone wanting to continue to train and maintain contact but is looking for a program that provides for the flexibility to handle the demands that modern life places upon us. An associate membership is now available with a variety of benefits, training access, seminar and social function invitations and more for only $100.00 per year. Click the Associate Membership link for more details.


2014 Examination schedule:

The new listing for all course exams, dan and kyu ranks, are posted on the examination and available for review. If you intend to test, be sure to check for the dates available and ensure you have sufficient classes and that your dues and training fees are up to date. Everyone who is eligible is encouraged to test.


2014 Instructor Classes:

The new listing will be posted on the schedule page. Check it out and mark it down. We look forward to seeing you there, and all instructors are required to attend. Individuals who are not instructors but are 3rd Kyu and above are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Available Classes and Services

The Chudokan Aikido Dojo is the headquarters of the Chudokai Aikido Federation International, an international association of Aikido dojos. The chief instructors for each of these dojos was personally trained by Chudokan master teacher Kevin Blok Kyoshi (master instructor). Blok Kyoshi holds an 8th Dan (degree black belt) with the World Kobudo Federation, and 7 th Dan (degree black belt) in Yoshinkai Aikido, and was personally awarded the highest level teaching license direct from Yoshinkai Aikido founder Gozo Shioda.

Blok Kyoshi continues as Chief Instructor of the Chudokan dojo. For his insights on Aikido as both a martial art and a way of life, you can listen to his interview in the Aikido: The Way of Harmony Podcast

Blok Kyoshi's skill and experience is internationally recognized. He serves as chief defensive tactics instructor for the RCMP and the Canadian Police College (Ottawa). He is recognized by the National Law Enforcement Training Center (US) as a certified international instructor in a wide variety of defensive techniques and tactics. Blok Kyoshi has authored a number of books and more than 20 videos on Aikido, weaponry, police/security control and defensive tactics. He stands as a expert witness in court on the use of force and control/defensive tactics, up to Superior Court Level (Canada).

What is Aikido?

The philosophy and principles of modern Aikido are based upon more than 800 years of Japanese samurai life. The samurai tradition was one of discipline, loyalty, demanding physical training, etiquette, strong spirit and philosophical insight into the conduct of life and human relationships.

Aikido is an invigorating and rewarding activity regardless of your age or experience. While it is a complex and highly disciplined art, the techniques of Aikido emphasize smooth, graceful movements which can be learned by anyone.

The techniques of Aikido are derived principally from the samurai fighting art of Aikijutsu. This highly developed martial art emphasized using nature and the force of an assailant's attack to subdue him. Powerful and subtle techniques were developed to respond to any conceivable attack; many controls, pins, and throws were evolved to subdue the opponent.